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Why one delicate image is anything but simple

I hope this finds you well and that you are discovering ways to enjoy the winter season. I’ve been eating lots of roasted chestnuts and drinking mulled cider to stay cozy. Meanwhile I’ve spent the last month working on a single print. When I began I was a bit more ambitious, and I had hoped to complete the piece within a couple of weeks. But as these things often go, there were areas to be re-carved, papers to experiment with, and many test prints to be done. At times it was exhausting! Since I don’t have a printing press I do all of my printing by hand with a tiny metal spoon and, since this is one of the largest prints I’ve done, it required some serious physical exertion. But I’ve finally finished and I’m ready to submit it to some exhibitions! Here are several images and 2 little videos of the different parts of the process. Enjoy!

Learn more about this print, titled 'Within the Silence', here:

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