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Mini Print of the Month

20180820155722 2_edited.jpg
20180920164741 2_edited.jpg

I love printmaking because it allows me to share a work I love with many different collectors at once. In order to provide even more ways for art lovers to collect original prints, I started a monthly mini print subscription in 2017. Club members receive a surprise hand-crafted print, a series of images showing the process of its making, and a letter from me, each month for 9 months. 


I hand-carve a new piece each month and keep it hush-hush so you get a delightful surprise in your mailbox. You won’t know which pieces you’ll receive before I announce the new print on the first of each month, but I make sure they all look great together in case you’d like to do a beautiful gallery wall or line them up in a row to fill out a space. They look great that way! And with all the goodies inside your package, you’ll feel like you were part of the creation process too, watching the story of the piece unfold. 

If you don’t know me, I’m Ellen. I’m a linocut printmaker, introvert, and meditation enthusiast. As someone who has experienced a great deal of anxiety, largely as a result of being highly shy, I want my prints to radiate calm and inspire ease. I want to connect with people who feel strength in vulnerability and who seek guidance by turning inward. And the exercise of printmaking actually lends itself to my own search for serenity and fortitude. There’s pleasure in creating an image that I find beautiful, graitification in carving an image out of a lino block, and satisfaction in manually pressing a beautiful Japanese paper onto the carved, inked surface repetitively to create an edition of original prints. It feels purposeful and honest. And when mistakes are made, as they often are, there is nothing to do but take a deep breath and begin again. Healing my soul and healing yours - that is what printmaking does for me. I hear from collectors that these mini prints help waken equanimity in their home, as I hope they’ll do in yours.

Collecting Mini Prints

This is a 9 month subscription where you’ll receive a new original mini print each month. Payments of £15 are collected monthly, and will cease automatically at the end of the 9 months, but you can always sign up again! On the flip side, we all change our minds from time to time, so if you’d like you can cancel your membership at any point. No commitment + original artwork = utter delight! 

A 9 month subscription allows you to make a beautiful gallery wall like the one below.
last 9 months of mini prints (1).jpg

Here is a print from January 2023

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