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Hello all! It’s been a good 10 months since I last added to my blog. I must have sat down 5 or 6 times with the intention of writing about what I’ve been working on, and I just couldn’t find words that satisfied me. So instead I decided to share a few images of recent projects.

I’ve enjoyed working with a number of clients on some exciting commissions this year. Here are a some images of a couple of my favourites.

More recently I’ve been focussed on building out my portfolio of limited edition prints as I’ve found myself in a state of flow. In a later blog post I’ll write more about my process and thinking behind these, as my work has taken a bit of a stylistic turn in 2016. Take a look at my shop for all available prints.

Finally, just this month I have become a member of Southbank Printmakers, a cooperative printmaking gallery along the London South Bank. I’m thrilled to join this group of talented artists and to have a space to show my work. Below is an image of my prints in the window of the space.

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