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Celebrate Relationships

Over the past decade I have lived in five cities across three different countries, had a dozen jobs and many circles of friends. Moving means starting over, creating new relationships, and letting others slip away. Because of this I began to reflect upon the real value of finding a person with whom I deeply connect, and I decided to offer commissioned prints to commemorate these kinds of important relationships and treasured moments in my clients’ lives. I have the privilege of hearing their stories, learning about the people they value and collaborating with them to create a composition that best represents these people and experiences.

The first of these commissions was done for a dear friend of mine who lost her sister several years ago to cancer. She told me about a tradition that they developed in which, following doctor’s appointments, they would retreat to a redwood forest behind her sister’s home to be together and enjoy her final year of life.

When she received the print she wrote me the following:

It boggles my mind how you are able to capture images of people's essence through your drawings. I was also quite impacted by how you drew the forest. In a way you made the forest the center of the piece, and I don't know how you intuitively knew to do that, but that was so perfect. The forest was a symbol of care, beauty, and the sacred for Jen and me; going to the redwood forest surrounded us in that loving vibration during a time when not everyone was holding her and our journey in a sacred way. It is like you captured that same feeling in the picture. It's not just a picture of me and Jen, it is a picture of the sacred journey she and I had together.

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