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Custom Art

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I am currently accepting 1 commission every other month.

I’m excited to create a piece that is personally significant to you. I love creating art that represents the human experience through smooth lines, large colour fields, and the figure. If you’re interested in one of my commission spots, read a little more and fill out the form below to apply.




My art makes use of smooth lines cut into large colour fields. I love depicting nudes and nature shown in the abstract as well as elegant patterns. My images have a soothing quality which is created by soft colour palettes and minimal forms.



I am a linocut printmaker. This is very different than digital printmaking, and it is a highly tactile process that is done entirely by hand. See my page about linocut printmaking for more info:

Inspiration and what it is not:


I’m not a portrait artist. My skill is in capturing the emotional experience of being human in a chaotic world. I’m happy to work with any reference material you give me, but I most likely won’t copy someone from a photo. Rather I would work to mimic the emotional state of the photograph. This is primarily because poses and facial expressions are the essence of my pieces, and I need to have control over these elements in order to make my best work.


Prices for custom pieces begin at £500. Each unique print will require a varying amount of work. I’m happy to provide a quote after we determine the details of the project.

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