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She Held It All Gently

She Held It All Gently

The female nude is a recurring figure in my linocuts. In this series, the figure looks away from the viewer and appears preoccupied with inner thought. This series draws attention to personal power and potential.


The artistic process is my teacher. It's teaching me patience, faith, discipline, and it's bringing me further into mystery. But so often I want to control it, harness it, fit it into a nice rigid timeline. But that's not the nature of art. Art needs to breathe, it needs space, and stillness and freedom. It needs to be held gently.

For me this piece embodies that wisdom. 


In the realm of art, the nude form transcends mere allure or idealized perfection. It speaks to a deeper truth, a whisper of our very essence. It lays bare our vulnerability and strength, an unflinching portrayal of the human condition. Stripped of societal narratives and expectations, the nude form embodies freedom.


As all prints are hand pressed, each will have some minor differences, which I believe adds to the character of the print. I cannot guarantee that you will receive the edition featured in the photo.


12"x 8" linoleum print hand printed on a 15.75" x 11" sheet of Japanese Hosho paper. Limited edition of 17.



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