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She Had Trees in Her Eyes

She Had Trees in Her Eyes

'She Had Trees in Her Eyes' is a 7 colour linocut inspired by London's Epping Forest. 


I'm so deeply inspired by trees. Although I rarely portray them, they are perhaps my favourite feature of this earth. I love that trees are what they are. To sit with a tree is to sit with the bare truth of what it is to be alive: being itself. There is no story, no ego, no fear, no control, no regret. Trees remind me to get beneath all of the manufactured drama of the human predicament and rest in being. 


Beyond sensuality or idealized beauty, the nude in art holds a deeper meaning for me. It whispers of our core essence, a raw portrayal of vulnerability and strength combined. It's the human form stripped bare, free from societal narratives and expectations. In that nakedness lies freedom.


As all prints are hand pressed, each will have some minor differences, which I believe adds to the character of the print. I cannot guarantee that you will receive the edition featured in the photo.


16.5"x 15.5" linoleum print hand printed on a 21" x 18" sheet of Masa paper. Limited edition of 10.





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