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Offer II

Offer II

The energy of offering is one of surrender, giving up control, letting go of ego. I love the feeling of weight the figure has as she bows over in a humbling manner. This is precisely how our bodies react when we can no longer carry an anxious thought. It’s so delicious to arrive at this point because it means I am ready to let the thought go and to move beyond it.


I am drawn to the nude as a symbol of vulnerability and strength, and I am inspired by the way in which the posture of a body can offer information into the psyche of the person in the frame. I use my own body as a model, though I don't see my prints as self portraits but rather a space where one can project their own experience and emotional reality. What comes up for you when you look at this print?


As all prints are hand pressed, each will have some minor differences, which I believe adds to the character of the print. I cannot guarantee that you will receive the edition featured in the photo.


12" x 12" linoleum print hand printed on a 18" x 14.5" sheet of Chinese Jiaxuan paper. Limited edition of 8



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