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I am drawn to the nude as a symbol of vulnerability and strength, and I am inspired by the way in which the posture of a body can offer information into the psyche of the person in the frame. I use my own body as a model, though I don't see my prints as self portraits but rather a space where one can project their own experience and emotional reality. 


While making this print I was inspired by a recent trip to Cyprus where I spent time looking at Byzantine iconography. The nude is shown as a kind of saint, and the feather printed fabric recalls the stylised angel wings seen in many of these works. 

As all prints are hand pressed, each will have some minor differences, which I believe adds to the character of the print. I cannot guarantee that you will receive the edition featured in the photo.


8"x 6" linoleum print hand printed on a 15.75" x 11" sheet of Japanese Hosho paper. Edition of 18



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