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Leaving and Arriving

Leaving and Arriving

My years are filled with leaving and arriving, ebb and flow, loss and gain. I crave permanence, safety. I think safety means a state of unchanging ease. I think I need to control my  circumstances so that they are just right, laboring over every decision to avert disaster, a week spent on a simple yes or no. 


But that’s not so. Instead security is the ability to let things fall away when their time comes, and to keep moving forward with what is in front of you. It is knowing how to release what was once good in favour of what’s calling your name, the understanding that all things must end to allow for something new. It is turbulent, exhilarating, and steady all at once. 


16"x 16" linoleum print hand printed on a 21" x 22" sheet of Zerkall paper. Limited edition of 12.



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