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Blooming II

Blooming II

This is a second edition of a piece I created as a wedding commission and it is the first in which I included two figures. The title refers to the recipients life moto, and reflects the idea that we are always in the process of becoming the next version of ourselves. This idea resonates so much with my work, because of my interest in celebrating our challenges as tools for expression and connection. And of course certain challenges become ever more highlighted in marriage and other long term relationships. If we can learn to view these relationships within this context of blooming, we can experience them as opportunities for learning and growth. 


As all prints are hand pressed, each will have some minor differences, which I believe adds to the character of the print. I cannot guarantee that you will receive the edition featured in the photo.


14.5" x 10.5" linoleum print hand printed on a 18" x 14.5" sheet of Chinese Jiaxuan paper. Edition of 12



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